Friday, July 9, 2010

Our Civil War Heroes - Presque Isle

Because the lists are so long, I decided to create two separate posts for our area Civil War Soldiers. Here are the veterans from Presque Isle County.


Presque Isle Township

John H Fulton, William Isaacs, Albert Edwin Dynehart, David Rowell,Henry Lee, Dorithe Gauthier, John Westrope, John Kauffman, John Millholand

John Fulton suffered gunshot wounds to the neck and shoulder, was completely deaf in his right ear, and was imprisoned in the notorious Libby Prison for over 5 months. William Isaacs was shot in the thigh and was completely deaf in both ears. David Rowell was shot in the thigh and was a prisoner for 3 months.

Allis Township

Joseph P Wickershaw, Robert Jones, Jarvis B Smith, John M O Smith, Charles H Johnson (widow pensioner Elnora), Royal J Taylor, Hiram J Hodges, Isaac VanHorn

Joseph Wickershaw suffered an injury to his left breast. John Smith contracted impaired hearing and rheumatism, Royal Taylor had "falling" of the mumps, and Isaac VanHorn had chronic diarrhea (often a permanent complication of diseases contracted during the war)

Belknap Township

Eli Crackett (widow of),? Sack (widow of), Henry Jacobs, William Schlaeger, and Christopher Adrian

Eli was shot through the right leg and discharged on surgeon's certificate. Henry had multiple (but unfortunately illegible) injuries, and William Schlaeger was shot in the left leg. Christopher Adrian had a back injury.

Case Township

Joseph F McNall or McFall, John Caldwell, and Ernest B Schmidt

Ernest Schmidt was receiving a pension of $16 per month because he was wounded by cars (train cars?) wrecked while in US service. "Shoulder broke and otherwise hurt."

Moltke Township

James Fitch, uninjured

Rogers Township

Paul Carnwin, Captain/2nd Lieutenant, Henry Platts, Corporal, William H Kitchen, Sergeant, David J Canant, John Bruning, Horse Farrier, William Dueltgen, Musician, Harvey L Parris, Sergeant, Robert H Pelo? (widow of), and William Hunter

Bruning and Parris were both discharged on general disability.

Metz, Bearinger, Posen, and Bismarck are missing from the census, though another list I found lists William Rose - Bismarck, Charles Meyers - Metz, Louis White - Posen, and Henry C Fuller - Bearinger.