Friday, July 9, 2010

Our Civil War Heroes - Alpena

There were several old Civil War soldiers residing in our area in 1890, when the government took a census of the veterans. 25 years after the war, most still had severe complications from injuries sustained during the war, which are documented in these records. Those who escaped serious injury certainly still suffered the emotional scars of the death, starvation, disease, and cold that was their life during their time in the war. Please join me in remembering the courage and sacrifices of these men and their families as you read over their names and the casualties sustained.


Alpena - 1st Ward
Alfred W Smith, John H Ansell, William M Keand, Bowman Marsh (widow of), John J Clark, Frank White, Cephus C Miller, John L Cook, Charles F Neff, William D Rose, Edwin Wyman, Hugh Alexander, Herman A Kimball, Samuel Metcalf, John A Smith (enrolled as Andrew Smith), Charles A Lester, Chester M Denning?, Thomas C Lester, Thomas G Spratt, Albert C Rice, Charles L Maltz, Wallace F Wilshire, Daniel Wentworth, Frank Emerick, Don A Hecox, George L Robinson, Robert J Kelley, James M Rice, Thomas H Hunt, James Lewis, James J Plunkett, Nelson J Miller, William P Maiden, John A Kelley, Charles B Greely, Daniel M Coy, Fred A Barlow, Charles L Babcock, Monroe Klock (past mayor of Alpena)

No disabilities reported

Alpena - 2nd Ward

John D Patter, Amarossa? M Chaffer, Andrew Simmons, Arthur Irwin, Louis Partridge, Thomas Hardy, Dyer Wilson, James Whalen, James M Clifford (widow of), Edward A McDonald, _ Ashe (widow of), John McCash, Thomas Belknap, Robert Halloway, James H Hughes, corporal, James J Patter, 1st Lieutenant, William Demons, Hendrick Yigeon?, corporal, Rheuben W Platt

James Clifford suffered from prolapsus ani (prolapsed rectum) and Ashe disappeared during service. James H Huges had a crippled left leg. James J Patter was a prisoner for over a year but escaped.

Alpena - 3rd Ward

John Carr, Moses Charbonneau, Joseph Glennie (widow of), Martin Tyler, corporal, Frank H Northrup, George A Robinson, William J Hoey, sergeant, Philip Embry, Thomas Phillips, corporal, Courtance? Demerese, 1st sergeant, Daniel Carr (widow of), Denton Selleck, William H Phillips, Yeb Knight, Edward A Avery, Daniel Barker (widow of), George Johnson, William W Kennedy, David Reddick, John C Wallace, Thomas White, Lewis White

The bones in John Carr's left leg were shattered. Joseph Glennie died in Chattanooga Hospital 4 weeks after being fatally injured.

Alpena - 4th Ward

David Kindt, William Hamilton, Mark Andrews, John Troquor, Conrad Wessel, Louis VanSype, William Smith, Edward H Sine, John C Sheahy, William Whitlin, James Trodden, Henry C McKenzie, Albert W Wheeler

William Hamilton was shot in the right foot, Mark Andrews had a hernia or rupture, John Troquor had chronic rheumatism, and Conrad Wessel had an injury to the right side, making him physically incapable of labor. Louis VanSype abandoned his regiment. William Smith was injured in the right side, disabled and poor with a large family. Edward Sine lost 2 fingers on his right hand and was old, feeble, and in indigent circumstances (impoverished). John Sheahy was in poor health and incapable of hard labor and "of steady habit." Henry McKenzie was industrious but poor with a large family.

Green Township

Thomas Mc?, James L Shearer?, James Norolan, James Kimball, corporal, Simon Hawley, Horatio? A Green, George W Rose, Cornelius Spain, engineer/mechanic, Samuel J Nichols, Charles H Davis, John P Wentworth, Richard Scot, Ambrose Bryant

Thomas ? had chronic bronchitis, James Shearer had malanal poisoning (from malaria or typhoid fever), James Norolan had resulting liver and spleen disease, James Kimball had chronic diarrhea and injury of right leg, and Simon Hawley had chronic diarrhea. Horatio Green had pneumonia of the lungs, George Rose had heart disease, Cornelius Spain had chronic diarrhea, and Samuel Nichols had chronic diarrhea, malarial poisoning, and rheumatism. Charles Davis suffered from chronic constipation received while in prison at Bell Island, VA. John Wentworth had chronic diarrhea and Richard Scot was shot in the head and left shoulder.

Hubbard Lake Township

Simon Noble, Hiram Bennis, Warner Willsworth, John Ellsworth, Martin Begumin?, John Suefaul?, John Gooley

Simon Noble had inflammation of the lungs, Hiram Bennis had weak eyes, Warner Willsworth had chronic disease 8 years, Martin Begumin had a gunshot wound in the hip, John Ellsworth had weak eyes and throat.

Long Rapids Township

Benjamin D Atwood, John Samhain? alias John McClure, Gilbert A Smith, Thomas C Adams, David R Martindale, Daniel Hibner, George W Brown, John Snyder

Benjamin Atwood suffered a dislocated ankle and a gunshot wound to the hip, and Gilbert Smith had chronic diarrhea. Donald Hibner had piles (hemorrhoids) and chronic diarrhea. George Brown also had chronic diarrhea.

Maple Ridge Township

Peter Degloppa?, Lorenzo D Wyman, Joseph Kurtz, Soloman Erens

Soloman Erens had an injured back.

Sanborn Township

Robert A Tolan, George Plud?, Charles Bellmore, Oliver W Bressette

All four men had chronic diarrhea, and Robert Tolan also had kidney disease.

Wilson Township

Jacob Mushafer?, William M Barney, Oliver Hines, James Benson (Mary King, widow, remarried), Joseph Bartrow, John Ash, James Chamfrie?, Noble M Breckinreed, Anthony Kizar?

Jacob, Oliver, Joseph, James, and Anthony all suffered from rheumatism and William had chronic kidney disease.

If one of your ancestors is one of these men, be proud and grateful for the sacrifices they made to keep this great country together. I'd be glad to find more detailed records for you on any of these men - just ask!

*** Please leave a comment if you have any additions or corrections. With many of the entries misspelled and poorly written, they can be very hard to decipher.