Thursday, October 7, 2010

Passports Photos from the Past! (Installment Two)

George J. Hassett
Born April 18, 1872 in Dublin, Ireland
Passport Issued February 4, 1918
Traveling to France for U.S. Government Work

Harry Gunvald Helgeson
Born June 8, 1893 in Alpena
Father: Ole Helgeson
Passport Issued July 6, 1918
Traveling aboard the S.S. Rockingham to work as a wireless radio operator

Charles R. Henry
Born December 29, 1856 in Macon Twp, Michigan
Father: John Henry, born in New York
Passport Issued Feb 3, 1921
Attorney-at-Law traveling to Cuba on vacation

Lorentz C. Johnson
Born August 8, 1855 in Florsten, Norway
Father: John Johnson, born in Sweden
Passport Issued August 7, 1922
Traveling to Norway, Sweden, and Denmark to visit relatives

Florian J. Konjora
Born December 29, 1900 in Alpena
Father: Joseph Konjora, born in Poland
Passport Issued March 3, 1920
Traveling to England to Visit Brother in Army Hospital in Liverpool (brother Anthony B Konjora, born 1892, who was wounded Feb 3, 1919 and eventually died in 1927 at age 35)

Arthur G. Marlow
Born on July 4, 1862 in Little Harrowden, England
Father: Thomas Marlow
Occupation: Depot Officer
Passport Issued July 25, 1921
Traveling to England for a family reunion

Dr. William Kerr McCandless
Born on December 15, 1889 in Canton, China
Father: Dr. Henry Martin McCandless
Passport Issued March 24, 1925
Traveling first to England to attend the London School of Tropical Medicine, then on to China for missionary medical work

Rosario Miceli
Born December 20, 1870 in Cepatri, Italy
Father: Salvatore Miceli
Occupation: Merchant
Passport Issued December 23, 1924
Visiting Italy and France to Visit Relatives

Austin Leonard and Elizabeth Mulvena Rogers
Austin: Born October 29, 1855 in New York
Elizabeth: Born September 6, 1874 in Alpena
Austin's Occupation: Seedman
Passport Issued August 31, 1922
Traveling to England, Scotland, France, and Holland on Commercial Business

Frank A. Scanlan
Born December 11, 1905 in Sault Ste. Marie, MI
Father: R.R. Scanlan, also born in Sault Ste. Marie
Passport Issued March 20, 1920
Traveling to British Isles, France, and Belgium to attend the Boy Scouts Jamboree

Miss Marie Taber
Born November 3, 1897 in Alpena
Father: William B. Taber, born in Griffins Mills, NY
Passport Issued December 9, 1921
Traveling to Greece, Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France, and Great Britain to study abroad

Edgar Charles and Louise Julia Thompson
Born June 10, 1876 in Birmingham, England
Father: George Thompson
Occupation: School Teacher
Passport Issued June 23, 1919
Traveling to England to Visit Sick Relative
**Also has two more passports with photos from 1920 and 1922, contact me if interested**

 Joseph Toth and Son
Born June 8, 1886 in Nemeth Lad, Hungary
Father: Joseph Toth, born in Hungary and living in Slavonia
Occupation: Dynamite Blaster
Passport Issued August 31, 1920
Traveling to Hungary/Slavonia to visit parents
**Joseph's wife Elizabeth died a year earlier of tuberculosis/influenza, and they also lost a newborn daughter, Etta, in 1915. It was likely that Joseph and his son were all that was left of the family**

Benjamin Waller
Born October 24, 1866 in Saginaw
Occupation: Telephone Engineer
Passport Issued February 1, 1916
Traveling to Port-Au-Prince, Haiti to engineer telephone network

 Ella M. White
Born April 29, 1874 in Alpena
Father: Thomas White, born in St. Lawrence Co, NY
Occupation: Bookkeeper
Passport Issued May 20, 1920
Traveling to England, France, and Italy to study and travel

Bliss and Harriet (Card) Stebbins
Bliss: Born April 21, 1865 in Vermont
Father: C.B. Stebbins, born in Vermont
Occupation: Farmer (in Presque Isle, previously made his fortunes as a hatmaker in Lansing)
Passport Issued October 4, 1920
Traveling to France, Italy, Holland, Switzerland, and England to ship home goods they had stored

Father Casimir T. Skowronski
Born Feb 19, 1886 in Janowiec, Poland
Father: Michael Skowronski
Passport Issued June 22, 1922
Traveling to England, France, Germany, Poland, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Czechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia