Thursday, September 23, 2010

Treasure Box Thursday!

Time for another new batch of antique and vintage memorabilia from the Sunrise Side! You can click on the links to find where to purchase, or click on the photos for a larger image.

Half-pint Ox-Bow Farm Milk Bottle

Currently available on eBay, this milk bottle from Alpena's own Ox-Bow Farm is old enough to have been turned purple by the sun.

1907 Postcard - Alpena Harbor

Sure looks different than the harbor of today, don't you agree?  Instead of being filled with smaller sporting vessels, the harbor is filled to the brim with large steamers.

Very Old Postcard - Second Ave

It seems there are many postcards of Second Avenue in Alpena floating around, but this is my favorite of all those I've seen.  This one seems to date back to pre-1910.

Humorous Postcard - Kissing Couple

Cute postcard from the late Victorian era - I bet this one was seen as quite "bawdy" in those days!

Lumbering Days Postcard

Seeing the millions of logs clogging up the Thunder Bay River back in the lumbering days never ceases to amaze!  You can see Thunder Bay Island Lighthouse in the background, dwarfed by the piles of lumber at the mouth of the river.

That's it for now!  Visit again soon for more new (old) items found around the web!