Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Resort Days

Our area is well-known as a tourist destination, and many of our outlying areas and lakes were exclusively resort areas long before permanent, year-round, settlement. Here are some postcards of the early resorts of our area. Some of them are long gone and forgotten, and some are still around.


Doesn't this place look grand? I can find no mention of this place in any of my books or online. There are no Adrian property owners along Long Lake in the 1903 Plat Book. Since this photo was taken in summer 1908, I can only guess that Mr. Adrian dumped his life savings and months of back breaking labor on this beautiful place, just in time for it to be destroyed by the Metz Fire a few months later in October.


This hotel was built in the late 1890s and opened in 1901, owned and built by Joe Kauffman, brother of George F Kauffman who built the Fireside Inn. It was in operation until the 1960s. I'm not sure of the exact location on Birch Hill though I would assume it's on the site of the current Birch Hill Resort.


This resort was built by George F Kauffman in 1908, at the pleading of his wife who had saved up $350 to build it. He was at first reluctant because his brother Joe already owned the Birch Hill Hotel and he did not want to compete with him, but eventually he caved in. They used their $350 along with the unlimited free timber around them and their own labor to complete the hotel. This resort is still in operation today, and I worked there every summer during my high school years.


This hotel was built in 1920 by Newell A Eddy, Jr - partially as a place to showcase the family's handmade furniture which fills the Lodge today. It was the 4th resort to be erected at Grand Lake. Despite being closed for a number of years, the resort re-opened several years ago and is a very popular inn for tourists and event venue for locals.

Two other resorts I can't find much information or any photos on are the Grand Lake Hotel and the Colony Bar. The Grand Lake Hotel was owned by Bliss Stebbins, and was eventually split up, then converted into a private residence. I know nothing of the Colony Bar other than it was one of the 4 original resorts on Grand Lake.