Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Alpena Memorabilia on eBay

You'd be surprised at the amount of Alpena memorabilia floating around on eBay. Pages and pages of historic items in great condition, and many times at great prices. If you're like me, and love to fill your home with old treasures, maybe there's room in your house for one of these nostalgic pieces.

Glass Beer Bottle from John Beck's Brewing Company

John Beck operated a Brewery in Alpena from about 1885-1918. From 1891-1918, the brewery was known as "Beck Malting & Brewing Co" so this bottle likely dates back to pre-1891.

LaPine & Cook Cabinet Photo - Victorian Woman

eBay is a great place to look for old photos of your ancestors. Maybe somebody will recognize this pretty young lady from the Victorian era.

Red Rose Dairy (Richard Weise Farm) Milk Caps

This listing is for 20 unused vintage bottle caps from fresh milk straight from Richard Weise's farm! Richard was a lifelong Alpena resident, born in about 1896. These milk caps are likely from the 30s-50s.

J Chas Wood Druggist Bottle

J Charles Wood was a druggist from Canada who came to the United States in 1883. In 1910, he was living at 404 Chisholm Street with his wife May. This bottle likely dates sometime between the late 1880s and early 1920s.

I'll share some more cool Alpena finds again soon! Hope you enjoyed these little treasures from the past.