Thursday, July 15, 2010

Postcards to Pearl French

An online postcard shop is currently selling several postcards addressed to Pearl French, born December 4, 1892 to William Charles and Jane French of Dafoe, Long Rapids Twp. They document a span of years and chronicle the times in which Pearl lived.

Postmarked Jan 17-1908

Miss Pearl French
RFD #2
Dafoe, MI

Dear Pearl,

How are you anyway?  I heard you were not feeling very good.  I hope you will soon be able to come down and stay for awhile with us.  Answer soon,

From Katie Friend

This postcard was send to Pearl when she was a young lady of seventeen.

July 8, 1910

Miss Pearl French
Point Aux Pines, Mich

Hello candie kid, I am enjoying myself, am going to Hillman on excursion Weds, and Gladys also.

Ans(wer) soon,
A.L. Friend
Jean Shell 

This postcard is from Pearl's mother, Jane French - likely right after Pearl left Alpena for Detroit.

Miss Pearl French
74 Adams Ave West

Jan 6 1915

Hello Pearl we been looking for a letter every day hope you are not ill again how is your neck Richard is able to be out but his legs bother him some.  We are all about the same as when you were home hoping you are well. I got a letter from Ethel she got her ? but Elmer has not any work yet she says there is 10,000 men out of work in Portland. 

from Mother

The "Ethel" Pearl's mother Jane is referring to is Pearl's sister Ethel French who married Elmer George Hibbs in 1910.

Pearl later followed her sister out west and married Ralph K Smith in Vancouver, Washington on August 9, 1918.

 This postcard is from Pearl's friend, Mrs. Thomas Coombs

Dafoe, Mich July 14 (1916) -

Dear Young Friends,

Got home 10:30 Monday evening stayed at your mother's had supper was very tired but felt better after supper.  Rich & Lizzie & Helen came down.  Never was so happy to hear Alpena called out for I was so tired but I am feeling good now. Thanking you and Myrtle for your kindness. As ever your friend,

Mrs. Thomas Coombs

This postcard is postmarked October 11, 1918 at the onset of WWI.

My Dear Pearl

You will think I am ? answering your own ? Postal but I have been busy curing fruits and vegetables and I have a girl boarding with me and going to school. What do you think of the war? Is it not dreadful? William my son has enlisted from Pontiac. At present he is in Camp Robinson Military Barracks Wisconsin. I may never see him again. Ever your friend, E A Ward